Preserving and Protecting the Hill Country

As a legislator, my foremost dedication has been to address the pressing environmental and water-related challenges in the Hill Country. Collaborating with a seasoned policy analyst specializing in environmental protection and water issues, we’ve delved into the unique concerns facing our region, including water scarcity and the impact of aggregate quarries and cement production facilities.

I’ve taken significant legislative action to address the lack of oversight for aggregate production operations and enhance protections for surrounding property owners. The bills I’ve filed include:

HB 3883: Designed to safeguard the Hill Country’s fragile resources strained by incoming developments in unincorporated areas. This bill also addresses the challenges of the Hill Country Priority Groundwater Management Area (PGMA) and empowers voters to petition their county for tools to promote sustainable growth.

HB 2590: Aiming to improve communication, taxpayer protections, and development practices for new Municipal Utility Districts (MUDs) in the Hill Country.

HB 2871: Proposing the transfer of oversight of Aggregate Production Operations (APO) permitting from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) to the Texas Railroad Commission.

HB 3798: Geared towards fostering cooperation and accountability in the TCEQ permitting process. This bill strengthens the APO permitting process, prioritizes public health and safety, and safeguards property rights from the impacts of rock quarries.

I am proud to have earned endorsements from prominent environmental groups such as Preserve Our Hill Country Environment, Stop 3009 Vulcan Quarry, and Friends of Dry Comal Creek. In my 2020 campaign against a Democrat opponent, I secured these endorsements due to the impactful work I’ve done and my continuous dedication to environmental advocacy. I believe that through collaborative and informed policymaking, we can achieve a balance between responsible development and the preservation of our precious natural resources.

Alamo and the Cenotaph

Since assuming office, one of my top priorities has been to protect and preserve the heroic sacrifice of the defenders of the Alamo. Thanks to the collaboration with Lieutenant Governor Patrick, we successfully prevented the relocation of the Cenotaph from the Alamo Plaza in September 2020, as the Texas Historical Commission denied the permit. Despite this victory, there remained more work to rectify the mismanagement and reconsider the vision outlined in the Alamo Master Plan.

To address these concerns, I introduced and successfully passed HB 3013, also known as The Alamo Heroes Act. This legislation mandates that all educational offerings on the Alamo Complex site, discussing the reasons behind the move for independence, exclusively rely on the grounds stated in the Texas Declaration of Independence. Despite achieving bipartisan support in the House, the bill faced delays in the Senate.

Additionally, recognizing the need to shield the Alamo Cenotaph from potential removal, I filed HB 1836. This measure is a proactive step to protect this historical monument from being torn down and relocated from its rightful place on the battlefield. The goal is to ensure the preservation of the Alamo’s historical integrity for future generations.

Securing Our Border

Given the continued failure of the current President and the U.S. Congress to pass immigration legislation, Texas is compelled to take control of its own border. Since my last session in 2021 during the Biden administration, the situation at the border has drastically worsened, prompting Texas to allocate billions more dollars to Operation Lone Star. In light of these challenges, I firmly believe that Texas needs to declare an invasion at the border and finish the wall. I am committed to continuing my efforts as a legislator to secure our border.

In the 86th Legislative Session, I took decisive action by filing HB 4306 to address the crisis along the Texas-Mexico border. This bipartisan-supported bill, which successfully passed the House, proposed a pilot program to study the most effective infrastructure and technology for protecting our border from narcotics, human trafficking, and illegal entries. The legislation also sought to expand critical initiatives such as brush clearing and watershed restoration.

To address the incentives that attract illegal immigrants to Texas, including in-state tuition, I filed HB 413 in the same legislative session. This bill aimed to end in-state tuition for illegal aliens, as I believe such magnet policies hurt Texas citizens. Removing these incentives is crucial to protecting our border and upholding the safety and well-being of our state.

As a legislator, I am unwavering in my commitment to securing our border, and I will persist in advocating for comprehensive measures that address the challenges posed by illegal immigration.

Election Integrity

Safeguarding the integrity of our elections is non-negotiable for a thriving democracy. While my legislative record on this matter is yet to be written, when re-elected, I’ll be unwavering in my commitment to fortify Texas elections.

The concerns surrounding the 2020 election underscore the urgency of action. In the next legislative session, I pledge to champion measures that secure our electoral process. This includes fortifying voter identification protocols, shoring up our voting systems, and eradicating any vulnerabilities that threaten the sanctity of our elections.

Texas deserves an electoral system that stands as a beacon of transparency and trust. I am ready to lead the charge in the next session to ensure that every Texan can cast their vote with confidence, knowing it will be accurately counted and their voice will resonate in our democracy. It’s time to fortify our elections and reaffirm the strength of our democratic foundation.


Other than family and church, a child’s education is the most important influence on their lives, playing a crucial role in shaping their lives and determining the future of Texas. Covid-19 exposed the weaknesses and strengths of our public education system. Recognizing the varied needs of students, especially those who may struggle or excel in traditional public schools, I advocate for the importance of school choice, particularly supporting charter schools that complement Independent School Districts (ISDs) and contribute to the overall improvement of our public education system.

In pursuit of enhancing educational choices, I support the implementation of school vouchers, empowering parents to choose the educational setting that best suits their child’s needs. My advocacy for school choice aims to create a diverse educational landscape, ensuring that each student receives an education tailored to their unique strengths and challenges.

I am committed to addressing the impact of federal and state mandates, which, in adopting a one-size-fits-all approach, often hinder our students and restrict the autonomy of our teachers and administrators. I believe in promoting greater local control over our schools, directing resources toward our educators and students. That is why I filed HB 3759 in the 85th Legislative Session, seeking to make all unfunded mandates on our schools optional, thus allowing for more flexibility at the local level.

Ensuring equity and fairness in public school finance is of paramount importance. I am dedicated to pursuing solutions that retain more local dollars within the originating district while also providing support to districts with lower taxable values. In the 86th Legislative Session, I filed HB 729, aiming to address the inequities caused by the Robin Hood system, ensuring that schools unfairly affected receive their fair share of funding per student. My goal is to create a more balanced and effective educational landscape for all students across Texas.

Gun Rights

I have consistently championed the Second Amendment and will continue to do so with unwavering dedication. As a Federal Firearms License (FFL) dealer, I actively engage in the sale of a comprehensive range of handguns, rifles, and ammunition. I firmly believe in the inherent right of individuals to protect themselves, their families, and to guard against the potential threat of a tyrannical government. My commitment extends to supporting any and all legislation aimed at protecting, promoting, and restoring our Second Amendment rights.

In the 87th Legislative session, I introduced the Personal Protection & Safety Bill, HB 1238, commonly known as Constitutional Carry. Although the bill was redirected and substituted with HB 357, I played a pivotal role as a Joint Author of HB 357, contributing to its successful passage into law.

Moreover, I Co-Authored HB 302, a bill designed to provide protections for gun owners residing in apartment complexes and condos by preventing landlords from restricting gun possession by tenants.

I have also lent my support to other pro-Second Amendment legislation, including backing HB 1177, which permits gun owners to carry during disaster evacuations, and HB 121, offering a defense for licensed gun owners who inadvertently enter a “no guns allowed” establishment.

My firm belief is that by encouraging responsible gun ownership across Texas, we collectively contribute to the enhanced protection and safety of our communities. Through the advocacy and support of legislation that upholds our Second Amendment rights, we fortify the foundations of freedom for all citizens in our great state.

Protecting Life

There is nothing more important than the sanctity of innocent life. It is a gift from our Creator and must be protected.

My commitment to the pro-life cause is evident through the endorsements I have received from Texas Right to Life, Texans for Life, and Pro-Life Texans (a Human Coalition PAC), all recognizing my steadfast pro-life voting record.

In the 87th Legislative session, I played a crucial role as a co-author of SB 8, the Texas Heartbeat Act, which stands as a significant legislative effort to protect unborn lives.

Further affirming my commitment to preserving life, I co-authored the Born Alive Act, HB 16. This bill mandates that doctors who neglect to provide appropriate medical treatment to babies born alive after a failed abortion could be charged with a third-degree felony.

I staunchly oppose the allocation of tax dollars to fund Planned Parenthood and believe in redirecting those resources to support women’s health providers that do not engage in abortion services. My dedication to this principle is underscored by my co-sponsorship of SB 22, known as the “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act,” which bars state and local tax dollars from funding or benefiting the abortion industry. This legislative effort aligns with the belief that taxpayer funds should prioritize genuine women’s health providers, devoid of abortion services.

Texas First

I introduced HB 1359, also recognized as the Texas Independence Referendum Act, commonly referred to as the TEXIT bill.

This groundbreaking legislation sought to initiate a vote on the pivotal question, “Should Texas reassert its status as an independent nation?” The TEXIT bill was carefully crafted to provide a thoughtful and systematic approach rather than a hasty decision. It outlined a comprehensive roadmap for achieving independence, which included the establishment of a bipartisan legislative committee. This committee’s purpose was to thoroughly investigate and strategize for the potential scenario of Texas asserting its independence.

It’s essential to emphasize that the TEXIT bill wasn’t an impulsive call for secession; instead, it aimed to empower Texans with the right to decide their future through a responsible and well-considered process.

Religious Freedom

I firmly believe in the foundational Christian principles upon which our country was established, as articulated in our Constitution and the writings of our Founding Fathers. As a Christian conservative, I am dedicated to wholeheartedly and unapologetically defending these values, particularly our freedom of religion.

In recent times, a number of bills have been introduced under the guise of “sexual orientation and gender identity,” aiming to exert more government control and influence over the freedom of expression of biblical beliefs. These measures, in essence, seek to compel people of faith to conform to personal and political agendas that run counter to their religious convictions.

I am committed to staunchly opposing any and all encroachments on your religious freedoms. As a demonstration of this commitment, I co-authored the “Chick-fil-A” bill, SB 1978. This legislation serves to prohibit the government from taking adverse action against individuals or businesses based on their membership, support, or donations to religious groups.

Taxes and Spending

I am dedicated to the principles of fiscal responsibility, aiming to reduce government spending and alleviate the tax burden on the people of Texas.

One notable accomplishment highlighting this commitment is my co-authorship of HJR 38, which firmly establishes in the Texas Constitution that the state will not impose an income tax. This measure reflects our collective dedication to maintaining a tax-friendly environment for the citizens of Texas.

Addressing the rising concern of skyrocketing property taxes, I actively supported SB 2 during the 86th Legislative Session. This legislation places a cap on the amount that a city can increase property taxes without voter approval, limiting it to 3.5%, down from the previous 8%. This cap provides a critical safeguard against excessive property tax hikes, ensuring a more predictable and manageable tax burden for homeowners and businesses.

Recognizing that property tax relief requires more than reform, I advocate for a reduction in spending at all levels of government, including state, local, and public education. To further ensure fiscal responsibility, I will continue to support state spending cap legislation and zero-based budgeting, emphasizing the need for prudent financial management across all sectors of government.

By championing these measures, I am dedicated to fostering a fiscal environment that empowers individuals, encourages economic growth, and ensures the financial well-being of the people of Texas.

Term Limits

I take pride in my commitment to constitutional reform and have filed HJR 98, a groundbreaking term limit legislation—the only of its kind in decades. This proposal is inspired by the positive experiences of fifteen other states, including Florida, which have successfully implemented term limits, leading to a reduction in the size of government.

Embracing the historical precedent set by leaders like George Washington, who recognized the value of term limits, I am confident that Texas will thrive by adopting similar principles. Term limits serve as a crucial catalyst for initiating substantive and enduring change in the operation of our government, ensuring that it truly operates for the people and by the people. This proposal aims to bring fresh perspectives, foster diverse leadership, and enhance the responsiveness of our government to the evolving needs of the citizens it serves. I am dedicated to championing term limits as a means to promote a more dynamic and accountable governance structure in Texas.

Retired Teachers

I remain steadfast in my commitment to retired teachers and the entire teaching community.

In the 85th Legislative Session, I took pride in co-authoring and voting for HB 3976, a critical measure ensuring adequate funding for TRS-Care. Additionally, I supported an additional $212 million in HB 21 during the special session, aimed at reducing TRS-Care premiums and deductibles.

To address the need for comprehensive feedback on the education system, I filed an amendment to HB 22. This proposal sought to establish an anonymous statewide survey covering teacher satisfaction, program effectiveness for public school students, and the allocation of school resources. Unfortunately, it did not garner the support of the public education committee.

I consistently voted for bills and amendments that aligned with the welfare of our retired teachers, in accordance with the recommendations of TRTA. This includes supporting HB 3976, SB 1663, and SB 1664, along with the State Budget that provided a supplemental state funding of $182.6 million for TRS-Care.

In the most recent 86th Legislative Session, I proudly co-authored SB 12, which grants a cost-of-living increase to our Texas retired teachers. My dedication to supporting and advocating for the well-being of teachers, both active and retired, remains unwavering.

Veterans Affairs

Serving on the Defense and Veterans Affairs Committee during the 87th Legislative Session has reinforced my unwavering commitment to honoring our Veterans, Military, Law Enforcement, and First Responders. Recognizing and providing the benefits and recognition they have earned and deserve is not only a duty but a lasting commitment by the State of Texas.

I firmly believe that offering meaningful employment opportunities to our veterans upon their return is a crucial first step in addressing the pressing issue of veteran suicide. Having two daughters who served in the Navy, a father-in-law who is a 100% disabled veteran of Vietnam, and a father who is a retired Army Colonel, my personal connection to these heroes strengthens my dedication to their well-being.

I am committed to advocating for policies and initiatives that support our veterans and their families, ensuring they receive the care, benefits, and opportunities they rightfully deserve. It is an honor to stand alongside these heroes and work towards making a positive impact on their lives.