My Opponent

  1. There was no evidence for the impeachment of our Trump-endorsed Attorney General. Despite the Bushes and the Austin swamp trying to defeat Paxton, he was reelected in 2022 by an impressive margin. This sham was rammed through at the last minute and cost taxpayers at least $4 million.
  2. See proven top conservative ratings here.
  3. See in-district donations here.
  4. See legislative action to preserve and protect our Hill Country in the following: HB 3883, HB 2590, HB 2871, and HB 3798.
  5. See taxpayer champion ratings in the following: 2017, 2019, and 2021.
  6. I was part of the conservative wing that ousted former disgraced speaker Joe Strauss. I will not vote for a speaker who actively works against Republican priorities and makes deals with Democrats to hold power.
  1. See Troxclair’s vote to impeach AG Ken Paxton here.
  2. See Troxclair’s endorsements dwindle here.
  3. See Troxclair’s financial ties both here and here. She has received $154,000 from Joe Liemandt since 2021. Notably, Liemandt contributed $100K to ActBlue just two weeks before donating to Troxclair.
  4. See Troxclair’s donations from developers and lobbyists here.
  5. See Troxclair’s vote for the largest spending increase in Texas history here on page 73.
  6. See Troxclair’s vote for Drunk Phelan here on page 11.