Starting Off 2024 Strong

Nothing is more important than standing up against the spineless RINOs and WOKE radical left and protecting the future of Texas! That’s why I’m excited to announce that Team Biedermann will be out this week delivering our 4’ x 4’ big signs and 4’ x 8’ highways signs in House District 19!


Deadline In 12 Hours!

We are just 12 hours away from our final campaign fundraising deadline of 2023 and Team Biederman is calling on all Texas conservatives to join the growing list of supporters fighting to save Texas!


Time Is Running Out

We are just 3 days away from our end-of-year campaign fundraising deadline and I am hoping to send a strong message to the Austin uni-party with the help of grassroots supporters like you!


MAJOR Endorsement Alert!

I am humbled and honored to receive such a strong endorsement from Lt. Col. Allen West, a true American hero and a man of impeccable character.


Lieutenant Colonel Allen West Officially Endorses Kyle Biedermann For Representative Of Texas House District 19

Today, Executive Director of the American Constitutional Rights Union Lt. Col. Allen West releases the following statement endorsing Kyle Biedermann for Representative of Texas House District 19:

Kyle is a man of impeccable character and possesses the highest standards of integrity. His focus has never been on prostrating himself to political cronyism or special interest. His interest is that of Texas and his constituents.


Representative Troxclair Voted For This

The impeachment of Attorney General Ken Paxton cost taxpayers more than $4.3 MILLION!

The sham impeachment of Attorney General Ken Paxton has revealed the lengths to which the Austin uniparty will go to undermine the voice of the people.


Team Biedermann Is Gaining Momentum

My campaign to represent Texas House District 19 is gaining momentum because Texans are tired of being lied to by corrupt politicians who are more interested in advancing their leadership roles than they are in representing WE THE PEOPLE.


Kyle Biedermann Announces Three ‘Coffee With Kyle’ Events To Meet With Voters In The District Before The New Year

Today, former State Representative Kyle Biedermann releases the following statement announcing three upcoming events to meet with the candidate and discuss the issues impacting Texas the most:

“Our ‘Coffee With Kyle’ series is gaining a lot of attention across the district because voters enjoy the opportunity to meet with who’s running to represent them in Austin for the next two years.


Join Team Biedermann Next Week

My campaign for Representative of Texas House District 19 is gaining momentum, and Team Biedermann is working around the clock to meet with as many voters as possible before Election Day.


Join Kyle Biedermann For Coffee Next Wednesday!

I am planning a series of events throughout the district to meet with constituents over a cup of coffee and discuss the issues they care about most.

I want to hear from everybody!